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The events or activities shown here are not necessarily organised or hosted by Blood and Honour. But may be of interest to our supporters.

The annual special show of the BM Under the Sunwheel podcast honouring the late Ian Stuart Donaldson, the legendary singer/songwriter of Skrewdriver and the founder of Blood & Honour.

B & H Magazine

Blood & Honour: Issue 52 of Ian Stuart’s “Blood & Honour” magazine, the only official voice for the BrotherHood 28 is out now!

Featuring Editorial, In memoriam Bob Whitaker, Ernst Zundel, Harold Covington, RAC Histographies, Photos, A Tale of Two German Towns, Audio Ammunition, Gig Reports, B & H and RAC News.

Containing all the news and articles all from a white resistance viewpoint. Nationalist political updates.

All you need to know about the White Rock n Roll Resistance Movement……..Cede Nullis!

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