Interview With Tom Metzger.

Courtesy of Blood & Honour Magazine - Issue 40


B&H: As a long standing member and part of the white nationalist movement could you tell us something of your background and origins?

Tom Metzger: I was born in Warsaw Indiana, approximately 250 miles southeast of Chicago. Most of my young life before high school we moved from a series of rental houses around Warsaw which was about 6000 population. I attended several schools in the area and we moved to Florida twice, where I also attended school.

In the late 40s my parents bought a small farm. I worked on larger farms in the area and raised a few animals myself. I belonged to the 4-H and the Boy Scouts during that period. I also became an amateur radio operator at age 13. I received my first federal license and spent a lot of time building transmitters and antennas. My interest in amateur radio led me into the television business and I worked as an apprentice technician while going to high school.

In 1956 at 18 I joined the U.S. Army and went to Army signal school at Fort Monmouth New Jersey. I was trained in microwave telephone transmission and in 1957 was sent to Germany. Once in Germany I was sent to the top of a mountain to maintain and repair microwave radio equipment. I travelled quite a bit in Europe, including England, but my stay in England was pretty short. I was discharged from the Army in 1959 and went back to my hometown where I worked as a television technician until 1961.

At that time three other young men and I moved to California. We rented apartments near the beach and lived a devil may care lifestyle for some time. I went to work for Douglas Aircraft Company's missile division in Santa Monica California. I repaired and aligned all the test equipment used in missile launches, and on the second stage of the Apollo rocket. I was there when that stage was finished and shipped to Cape Canaveral Florida. After a couple years I left Douglas Aircraft and went back into private business as a television technician.

I was married in 1962 and we had two children before moving out of the Los Angeles area to Fallbrook California. We had a total of six children (and now nine grandchildren). I opened two stores in the Fallbrook area. I stayed in this business until about five years ago.

B&H: When and what life experiences caused you to become racially aware and see the problems of today?

How do you, if at all, label yourself and how does this differ from the media's names for you?

Tom Metzger: I label myself first Tom Metzger and second a racial separatist. I think it's important for each person to build his own name for future generations. So that when you say Robert Mathews no one needs to explain Robert Mathews. No one needs to explain George Lincoln Rockwell and so on.

B&H: Which political organisations have you been a member of or active in over the years?

I first began to become politically aware while working at Douglas Aircraft.

We were in the middle of the Cold War and anti-Communist programs were flying high. They used to show us anti-Communist documentary films at lunch hour. I'm sure that watching the Communists atrocities had quite an effect on me.

After leaving Douglas Aircraft in 1964 I became politically active in the Goldwater vs. Johnson campaign. I worked for Goldwater. After his defeat in 64 I was invited to a John Birch Society meeting. The John Birch Society was a strongly anti-Communist organization with chapters all over the country. I became chapter leader in the Redondo Beach area of California and again chapter leader after moving to Fallbrook California.

I became too radical for the John Birch Society when I joined the national tax revolt in the late 60s. I refused to pay income taxes to support the Vietnam War. By this time I had figured out how the game was played, resigned the John Birch Society, and joined the tax revolt. That activity brought me in contact with a lot of white racists.

The most radical new contact was Colonel William Potter Gale. I also became acquainted with Bertrand L. Comparet and Richard Butler, among many others. I became involved with the Christian identity movement and remained with them until 1980. However, in 1975 I joined David Duke's new Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. I also was involved with the new Christian Crusade Church under James K. Warner (that's how I met Duke). I think it was 1976 that I travelled to Louisiana to manage David Duke's first run for public office as state senator. It was my job to manage the campaign workers.

A little later I created the Klan Border Watch along with Louis Beam and David Duke. We put patrol cars on the border with walkie-talkies to identify illegal aliens and turn them in. That was the hottest news story of the year. A Mexican group sued me but I won in Federal court. Later, the Mexican press said that the illegal alien invasion was cut by two thirds during that period. I was also involved in several riots during that period.

In 1978 I broke with David Duke, as did some other state leaders, including Louis Beam. We formed the Independent Klans. Mine was the KKK of California.

B&H: Early on you became active in American politics and ran for a few congress seats, do you feel this was a good strategy then and how do you see party politics in terms of white nationalism nowadays?

Tom Metzger: I ran four times: once for local commissioner; once for county supervisor; once for U.S. Congress; and once for U.S. Senate.

I won the Democratic nomination for Congress and was defeated in the general election, but got 60,000 votes. For U.S. Senate in a field of seven I received 90,000 votes.

After the race for Congress I left the Klan and created The White American Political Association followed by a name change to White Aryan Resistance.

Today I see party politics as a complete waste of time unless it is used as an above ground structure which supports an underground armed struggle. I had received the equivalent of a Masters degree in politics and have found that it's a total scam. Using it for short run publicity may be of some value, but without the Iron Fist the velvet glove is useless.

My long time strategy has been the Lone Wolf cell structure networking method. Membership organizations are too easily diverted from their true mission and destroyed. ALL significant membership organizations are hopelessly infiltrated not only with System operatives, but also nuts and screwballs. When I ran the Klan I spent two thirds of my time putting out brush fires and infighting between members etc.

My current mode of operation has cut my problems down by at least 75%. Now I can get some real work done. In every organized group only 10%, or even less, do all of the work. Why keep people around who are useless, dangerous because of what they hear, or both?

B&H: A few of us no doubt remember the impossible court trial aimed at destroying you back in Portland. You are obviously still alive and kicking today. What or who gave you the courage through those immensely difficult times?

Tom Metzger: When you're a soldier in a war usually there's only one way to go, and that's foreword. When you're crossing a swollen river and find it's dangerous in the middle, you go forward because there's no sense in turning back. That's how these things usually work. You're either in the struggle all the way or you'd better get out.

John and I were put into a very bad situation, at least financially. But we gave it the good fight and don't apologize for anything. Morris Dees has never quite recovered from the fight we gave him. He won a skirmish but he hasn't won the war. He would like people to think that he destroyed us. But in reality he made us stronger and more fanatic. We never stopped publishing our newspaper. I never stop appearing on television and radio. I travelled to Japan twice and lectured Japanese nationalists. I met with the Black Muslims and was the keynote speaker at the Black Panther party national convention. I have participated in dozens of documentaries. John and I pioneered computer use in the struggle. I created an ongoing internet radio program and have sold CDs for many years. We have one of the best websites in the struggle.

When the Washington criminals mention what they fear most, they talk about Lone Wolves, their cells, and their networks.

B&H: Before many people had even heard of the internet and email, you were busy using radio, cable tv, and computers to spread your word. Do you see this as becoming the only way to reach people now and in the future?

Tom Metzger: My son John and I produced the television show Race and Reason for 13 years when the rest of the right wing said we'd never get it off the ground. Several others started shows later. We first used computer bulletin boards then the Internet came within our reach. The first computer I purchased for John was a Radio Shack TRS 80 with data storage on audiotape. lol

B&H: If you could speak to the world on TV for 30 minutes, what would you show or tell?

Tom Metzger: I would say that no matter if you're in the right wing or the left wing, if you're a white racist or a black racist:


Every single war we've fought has hurt our Race. Every single war we've fought has made the rich richer while the poor do the fighting. This cannot be entirely laid at the feet of the Jew. It is largely the fault of renegade white people, and their sycophant elites of every race, who through their transnational corporations are making slaves out of everyone else!

All movement of races around the world, from one country to another -- usually south to north, is fuelled by predatory capitalism and the corporate state. We must recognize that some on the left are very correct and that some on the right are very correct, but that the bulk of those on either side are simply sheep who will lead you down the trail to destruction.

It is too late to solve the immense problems of Peak Oil, Environment and Overpopulation by democratic means. No longer are there effective sovereign nations -- all nations are simply plantations which create wealth for the Oligarches. Insurgent movements around the world should rise up and burn the corporate plants to the ground. National traitors that keep their headquarters in the United States, Europe and England must be punished. No white young man or woman should join a military which kills for the rich. I believe centralized government is a failure and a monster. We should down-size rather than accept a 'new world order'!

We are running out of oil and I believe that's good. Oil has allowed us to become lazy and materialistic. We need to jump start natural evolution all over again. The earth's population must be drastically reduced by any means possible.

At first I thought the European Union would be a good idea. But then this scum moved into the top positions, including the Jews. We must oppose anything which supports universalism or world government. No matter what their pretensions are, they are the enemy! The main enemy of the White Race is within the White Race.

To the Third World: I am not your enemy, I am the enemy of Third World populations who move into White countries. I have no bad feelings for an Asian working within his country as a nationalist and who leaves his neighbours alone. But we cannot allow the current invasions to continue, especially in the UK, because we simply don't have the elbow room.

Your Third World leaders and my leaders are doing everything to destroy anyone who believes the White Race is an important race. Have you seen what's happened in South Africa where white people in many cases are living in squalor without even running water.

I will kill for my Race but I won't kill for corporations or presidents or king's or queens!

Also, religious fanatics must be brought to heel in white countries. I could care less what Muslims do in Muslim countries. We have enough problems with Christian Zionists and other assorted fanatics, along with the Jews, in Western countries. In the Balkans War I supported the Serbs simply because they believed in ethnically cleansing the Muslims out of Europe.

I think this gives you a pretty good idea of where I'm coming from. It certainly is not the traditional right wing. I don't accept the label of right or left wing. I have just as many enemies on the right as on the left and just as many friends on the left as on the right.

B&H: And how do you think this would change the world?

Tom Metzger: I will not change the world. Mother nature is preparing to make that change whether we like it or not.

B&H: Who or what do you see as our biggest enemy we face today?

Tom Metzger: Most of our own Race!

B&H: Could you tell us how and why the association White Aryan Resistance was started and how would you describe it?

Tom Metzger: Already covered.

B&H: How does WAR differ in it's approach to that of the more recent strategy of lone wolves and The Insurgent?

Tom Metzger: It operated in a similar pattern. No members just Associates. Few meetings. No uniforms. No parades. More like submarines than an aircraft carrier.

B&H: You advocate infiltration and working silently, rather than showing and expressing our views directly and openly, and not making ourselves conspicuous. How and why do you feel this is the way forward ?

Tom Metzger: Because it works. You still need some spokesmen who will meet with the press or do a television interview; but it's like an iceberg -- you only see what we want you to see. It is much more effective to recruit qualified people who can keep their professions and their families together -- not being destroyed by the media and the System. For example, we suggest that federal agents look to the future when there will be big changes. They may want to hedge their bets. We don't ask them to expose themselves in any way and they continue in their professions; but at the same time, behind the scenes they can help us. Supplying us with anonymous information from time to time. Or they may be in a position to look away when one of our soldiers is in harms way.

When you're behind the lines, as we all are, you must operate in a clandestine manner. The Communists were very adept at such operating methods in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.

People who wear uniforms and wave flags while standing on street corners are of no value to us or themselves. If the public is not awake at this point it's far too late to waste time educating them. They're being educated right now in the financial collapse, mortgage fraud, higher and higher gas prices etc. Financial collapse is our friend.

Most of the honest right-wingers are 40 years behind -- attempting to stop this collapse by voting for some jerk who never solved anything. The collapse is the only thing which might save the White Race. Other pipedreams are a total waste of time.

B&H: We being blood and honour, help promote the white power message and raise awareness through music and social events. You were involved with white power music in the USA early on, do you feel it is still as relevant today and what effect from your view point has white power music had ? Do you still see yourself as "Godfather of the Skinheads"?

Tom Metzger: I never labelled myself godfather of the skinheads. That was some dumb reporter. I have never represented all skinheads. They have their own leaders and their own ideas. If those ideas parallel mine, that's great; but if they don't, then they march to the beat of a different drummer.

Twenty years ago I started telling every skinhead who would listen that it's time to put away the uniforms and begin infiltration and education. You can't do that if you're dressed like a skinhead or a Nazi or Klansman. It has nothing to do with how brave you are -- it has to do with winning a war and using whatever methods work. Many skinheads listened to my advice and went back to school. They went into big business, science, military, police, or any other area which would be valuable to us.

Keep your mouth shut and don't join groups. Don't keep racial material in your house. Never talk about your racial views on the job. In fact, if it helps, pretend your anti-racist.

B&H: Having been involved in the white resistance struggle for so long and having met so many dedicated proponents which ones have influenced or inspired you the most?

Tom Metzger: Joseph Tomassi, NATIONAL SOCIALIST LIBERATION FRONT. Dumped the Hollywood Nazi image and went guerilla.

Robert Mathews and his men. Father of the second American Revolution.

Col. William Potter Gale, Gen MacArthur's aide in the Philippines. Stayed in the Philippines fighting in the hills until the General Returned.

William Joyce. An American by birth who put the White before everything else.

Sam Bowers. White Knights of Mississippi.

Charles Lindbergh.

Jack London. "THE IRON HEEL"

Plus many more who affected my life. The list is too long.

B&H: Many of us are National Socialists, but we are told that we are Right-wing? Do you feel true NS is in actual fact more left-wing through the promotion of revolutionary change? Or have we become National Conservatives?

Tom Metzger: Unfortunately, National Socialism as practised now is usually a form of National Capitalism -- not Socialism. Remember, the National Socialists were in operation before Adolf Hitler. The book "Hitler and I" by Otto Strasser will show you what went wrong in Germany.

The Strasser wing of National Socialism did not aspire to dictatorship. They wanted Germany divided up like Switzerland, into cantons with true representation.

Hitler decided to take the fast track by meeting with the industrialists. They explained to him how to gain their support, and supposed 'real power'. Primarily, he had to deal with his Brownshirt People's Army, which was much like our U.S. National Guard once was. However, the socialist wing of the National Socialists was not interested in dominating Europe or going to war, they simply wanted to improve Germany from the inside. Hitler was told that if he got rid of the Brownshirts he could have his own personal bodyguard, which was the SS.

It is my opinion that true National Socialism died on the 'Night of the Long Knives'. Over 1700 Brownshirts (SA) and others were murdered. These were all loyal party members. Himmler had convinced Hitler that a coup was imminent. The excuse that Roehm and some of his men were homosexual was also used, even though Hitler had long accepted Roehm's sexual habits.

Hitler then became the undisputed leader and military dictator. I'm not saying that everything he did was bad. But like most politicians, he had a good side and a bad side.

If he had not stumbled into the war, largely because of his arrogance and the arrogance of people like Churchill, the world would be a different place today, and the White Race would not be teetering on extinction. Once hostilities started all politics became WAR -- kill or be killed. The three men that should have been assassinated early on were Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. All were war criminals! Read the book "Human Smoke". It contains a wealth of prewar and war information.

It's pretty much a waste of time to call anything national or socialist today; however, the same ideas with some updating could be easily used in a new struggle with a new name.

B&H: Some 20 years ago you were saying that America was fast becoming a dictatorship and the excuse given for this by the government was that it was for the good of the people? Since 911 the evidence of this has been far more in the open and obvious, do you feel finally "the people" will wake up and begin to realise what has been going on?

Tom Metzger: No! 49% are still supporting the Middle East occupation. They send their sons and daughters to die for the corporations and tell themselves they are defending America. How stupid can they be? George Bush is a WAR CRIMINAL pure and simple!

B&H: We feel the youth are our future and we need to nurture and educate them. Any words of encouragement to our dispirited youth?

Tom Metzger: Many youth on the left may be easier to reach than the right. Talk to them about the environment, talk to them about fighting the transnational corporations, talk to them about overpopulation, talk to them about the phony drug war (the cure is worse than the disease). Legalize narcotics. Talk against organized religion and how more people have been killed in the name of religion than any political idea.

Talk to them that way and they'll come across. When you talk overpopulation and environmental protection it's only a hop skip and jump to Race!

B&H: Never tempting fate, but how would you like to be remembered after you have gone from this world?

Tom Metzger: Just remembered. That's all any man can ask.

B&H: Any final comments or recommendations?

Tom Metzger: Be prepared to become ruthless to your enemies and compassionate with your friends. We are entering a Mad Max world and only the best of the white race must survive it. Read the book "MIGHT IS RIGHT" every time you're tempted to become soft. Don't trust white people just because they're white. Whites will die at the hands of other whites if the core race is to survive.

Tom Metzger 7-31-8