Courtesy of Blood & Honour Magazine - Issue 35

Forward Area - the Most Hated Band in Punk! Formed in 2002 in Gainesville, Florida, today Forward Area are:

Erik - vocals/bass
Mike - guitar
Dave - drums

Originally the boys played apolitical hardcore punk. As time went on, they started getting pissed at how left wing punk was getting and decided to bring their personal politics into their music. Thus Forward Area can safely lay the claim that they are the first National Socialist Street Punk band. Mike is a regular visitor to our BH forum so we cornered him for an interview!

Thanks Mike for agreeing to do this interview. When we first heard of you a few years ago, we were really excited to hear how far RAC has spread! What are your top 10 most important musical influences?

It's tough to narrow it down, but I would have to say my top 10 musical influences are:

*Sex Pistols
*The Exploited
*Anti-Nowhere League
*U.S. Chaos
*Minor Threat
*White Pride
*Midgårds Söner

You call yourselves National Socialist street punk. Obviously not all aspects of Hitler’s National Socialism would be applicable in today’s times. Which aspects are the most important to you?

In my opinion, National Socialism's most important aspects are its working-class and ethnocentric social and political policies, environmentalism, anti-Communism/anti-Capitalism, and public health programs. These are what I feel define the ideology and what sets it apart from all other political philosophies in history. I would hope that these principles will always be preserved by National Socialist advocates, though I completely agree that there are aspects of original German National Socialism that are outdated and are definitely in need of modification.

In the Sex Pistols documentary The Filth and the Fury, Johnny Lydon / Rotten accounts for the word “anarchist” as the only word he could think of to attempt a rhyme with “anti-Christ”!! Can you please explain to us your understanding of how the punk movement, which clearly didn’t start off as anarchic or anti racist, got hijacked by the left wing?

I feel the Punk movement's hijack by ultra-liberals can best be explained by the actions of the media and the music industry in the late '70s and early '80s. Once the Sex Pistols "Anarchy in the UK" single came out the media had a frenzy with labeling Punks as "anarchists" even though the Sex Pistols clearly weren't even anarchists themselves. So naturally the actual anarchists and communists of the time used the media's distortion to take advantage of the gullible youth interested in the subculture. It was rather easy for almost any political group to capitalize on the Punk movement considering it never really had a defined political affiliation or agenda, but it was particularly easy for anarchist groups to due to this. However, I also strongly feel that the music industry did all it could early on to suppress public knowledge of the number of racialist and Nationalistic Punk bands that existed, in order to keep Punk music a viable genre of music to market to the mainstream. Thus, today we find the Punk scene in the twisted and horrible condition it's in. From it being a movement to counter political correctness, to becoming a movement totally poisoned with political correctness...

We are very excited to see more and more musical genres being crossed to spread our message to the white youth. Ian Stuart had the same vision and indeed used his White Diamond project to appeal to the bikers / rockers, his Klansmen project to welcome rockabillies and psychobillies to our musical resistance alongside his ballads for the more conservative. What message have you got for the skinheads who still think they have a monopoly on the white rock’n’roll resistance despite Ian Stuart’s tireless work?

I would tell them that they are being counterproductive to the cause, despite whatever their rationale may be for it. The spread of our ideology into more White music genres and subcultures is nothing but a positive thing. As you mentioned, Ian Stuart realized this and actually aided in White Nationalism crossing over to other music genres; He was even a Punk himself at one point in his life. I think most practical people understand the benefits as there is really no down side to our message reaching more of our youth. It's important we don't let minor things such as fashion or subcultural differences separate us. Together we can accomplish a lot more.

These Skinheads who feel threatened by non-Skinheads claiming White Nationalist beliefs also need to realize that not everyone wants to be a Skinhead and they shouldn't be expected to become one in order to be viewed upon as "acceptable" in the scene. I'm a firm believer in the notion that we'd see a drastic increase in our numbers if people knew they didn't have be Skinheads in order to have a place within the movement.

The veterans of Blood and Honour mostly come from the earliest days of Oi! when skinheads and punks still freely attended the same shows. For this older generation, seeing mohawk clad youth at Blood and Honour events is not at all shocking. As RAC has now been around approximately 20 years, there are many skinheads who totally bypassed oi! to find their way directly to RAC. I feel these are the skinheads that will need more convincing that punk’s not red! What would you say to convince these people that punk still has a place alongside skinhead.

Well, I would say to them that pro-White Punk music and individuals have existed since as early as 1977 and I feel we've earned our right to have a place in the racialist music movement. I would tell them to look into the history of their own subculture and see for themselves the profound impact Punk has had on it. Just because the Punk scene today seems to have been overtaken by undesirables doesn't mean everyone who claims the label is one of them, just as it would be wrong to assume Skinheads don't have a place within the White Power music scene because of the emergence of SHARPs and Red Skins. There will always be lowlifes that infiltrate subcultures and twist them to suit their own agendas, but we cannot let them blind us from the good people who are also in them.

We understand you tragically lost your original drummer Jacob in a race attack. What impact did this have on you personally and/or politically? If your brother could talk to you in spirit, what do you think he’d say?

The murder of Jacob basically reaffirmed our belief that non-Whites commonly exhibit mindless, impulsive, violent, criminal behavior due to their lower evolutionary and genetic position and it also proved to be yet another example of the danger our entire race faces in this multiracial society we're forced to live in. It made me further understand the importance of educating as many of our people as possible on the horrors of these subhuman animals before they become victims of them.

I would also like to note that the four Blacks who took part in the theft and murder received very light sentences of 6-8 years in jail each. The mestizo who actually pulled the trigger hasn't received sentencing yet, though I'm sure he'll also receive a joke of a sentence. Had this been five White people who had broken into the home of a minority, robbed and then murdered that person, you can bet that they all would have received the death penalty, or at least life in prison. That's this system for you though, simply disgusting.

I like to think that if Jake could speak to me now he'd encourage me to never give up the fight, stay on the right track in life, and to keep moving forward with the band. He is greatly missed by all of us.

I recently heard an excellent quote by Lars Frederiksen - “Punk’s not dead. It just sucks right now.” What is on Forward Area’s personal agenda to redress that?
Our plan is to do as much as we possibly can with Forward Area; Play as many non-WP shows as we can and reach out to as many Punk youth as possible. I believe we can still change things and over the years I've only seen more encouraging signs. I really think that White kids in general are just tired of the politically correct nonsense they are subjected to on a daily basis and are just looking for an alternative to that Zionist poison. We need to show them there is another way.

Tell us about your first CD release with Warfare 88. In fact, tell us about Warfare 88 too and how this project came about.

I was contacted by Roy of Warfare 88 in the summer of 2005. He had visited our website one day and really enjoyed the MP3 we had posted (I believe it was our song "Destroy ARA"). I told him I'd send him over our demo and he sent me some of his bands CDs. He liked the demo a lot and asked us if Forward Area would be interested in doing a split CD with his Punk Rock project called "Warfare 88". We all really liked Warfare 88's debut album and decided we'd go for it. So we set out to look for a label interested in the album. I had been in contact with a particular label from California for a while called Condemned Records, following an interview we did for their magazine, and they showed a lot of interest in the project. They agreed to release the CD and within a few months we hit the recording studio. Each band recorded 11 new songs and by April 2006 Hate Punk In Your Face was released. So far we've gotten very good feedback from it.

Warfare 88 is a band composed of Roy and Tom, who are known for their work in such bands as: Final War, Aggressive Force, Cut Throat, and a ton of other bands. Warfare 88's music style is similar to early American west coast Punk Rock.

What will your forthcoming CD be called and which label will it be released on?

Our full length CD is probably going to be called "Now It's Our Turn" (although the title is subject to change) and right now we're in talks with Final Stand Records about releasing it. We're hoping to head into the studio by this winter to record it. We're positive fans of Hate Punk In Your Face won't be disappointed.

If some young blood was to pick up this CD and only hear one message loud and clear, what would you like it to be?

That all (formerly) White Nations around the world are facing their downfall and our race is facing immediate extinction. This being primarily due to the efforts of our Zionist controlled government, media and big businesses. That is, of course, unless we collectively do something about it.

Forward Area are valued contributors to many a positive political discussion in 28 circles. You have networked and made many a comrade among us and our divisions. To learn that you provided a track in 2004 on a compilation CD released by those who seek to destroy Ian Stuart’s Blood & Honour, many would question your standpoint and associations. What would you say to them?

This issue has come up quite a few times in the past and I would be happy to clarify it to anyone who is curious.

Back sometime in 2003, someone who I was briefly in touch with recommended our band to a guy who was putting together the Blood & Honour vol. 5 compilation CD. Shortly after, we were contacted by the person who was putting together the CD. He asked us if we would like to contribute to the album and we agreed. Now what's important to bare in mind here is that we were all about 16/17 at the time and hadn't been invovled in the White Power music scene very long at all. In fact, we didn't even know there were two seperate groups using the "Blood & Honour" name! All we knew was that the compilation series had previously featured bands like Skrewdriver and Brutal Attack, so we thought that was pretty cool. It wasn't until well after the CD was released in 2004 that we were partially enlightened about some of this. Had any pro-White group at all asked us to contribute to a compilation at that point we likely would have agreed to do so. We were very eager to get our material out there. I mean it should be obvious that if we actually were strongly attached/associated with Combat 18 we wouldn't have played a show with Hammerskin bands shortly following us recording the song for the compilation, though you'd be surprised by the number of people who have wrongly labeled us a "C.18 band" in the past.
I would also like to point out that no one in Forward Area is a member of any organization. We also choose not to be involved in the current infighting in the scene and we really don't know a whole lot of the history behind all of it. All we know is that in America pretty much every White Power and Skinhead group has an issue with another and we really want nothing to do with it. We're a non-partisan band and we judge like-minded people on an individual basis and solely by their character, as we hope they would also do with us. To put it simply, we're in this movement for positive reasons only.

We have read that you are networking with other right wing punk bands across the USA. Please enlighten us with the names of those you think are worth looking out for?

There have been some racialist Punk bands I have been in contact with over the years, namely Chaos Squad and Final Blow 88. Most the bands didn't work out for varying reasons. However, I'm also in touch with a few WP Punk bands outside of the U.S. (like the Italian Dogs) who I feel we will be hearing a lot more from in the future.

Some pro-White and Nationalistic American Punk bands I would recommend to the readers are: White Pride, Fight For Freedom, U.S. Chaos, and The Dirty White Punks (who I think may actually still be active).

Any final words to our readers?

I would like to thank Gail and Blood & Honour for the excellent interview. Keep up the great work with everything comrades!

And to the readers: You may have met a few Punks who were junkie lowlifes or ultra-liberal bastards, but don't let these scumbags fool you because PUNK'S NOT RED!


Thanks to Mike and Forward Area!