Ian Stuart Memorial

4th September 2004 ~ Flanders

We set off for Europe early to take part in paying our respects to the life and death of Ian Stuart. Arriving in the historic area of Flanders (Vlaanderen) in the north of Belgium we joined our fellow comrades at the elected location. The venue was a spacious hall with a very sizeable car park and open-air area. Which was taken over by the many stalls. Selling merchandise and souvenirs from their respective countries and B & H divisions in attendance. To one side of this a decent sized BBQ which was kept on the go throughout the evening selling hot food.

The scenic setting combined with the warm weather made the atmosphere impressive. With comrades arriving from our European neighbours France, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, USA, and Australia gathering for a drink and talking to each other.

After meeting our comrades and browsing the stalls we entered the main hall to the sounds of Landser CD greeting us. The hall was especially extraordinary with one wall covered with a bar and a considerable stage facing opposite. The sound system within the building was one of the best. Having a massive professional deck system and speakers. Guaranteeing superb acoustic quality which both the bands and the crowd surely appreciated. Proudly displayed along the walls were fastened the countless B & H Banners and different group banners. Which was magnificent to see that so many had made the effort. The spirit on Ian Stuart and the legend of Skrewdriver easy to see lives on in everyone’s hearts and minds. From the very young to the very old alike.

Number one band of the evening was the local Lion’s Pride. Who immediately settled into their opening song. They played a great set, which included songs from their debut CD – Stand and Defend. Which were totally well received by the crowd who now numbered about 600 comrades. Lion’s Pride is a newer Pariotic band from Belgium with a touch of metal in their varied musical style. Having intelligent lyrics and powerful musical skills combined make this band a sure forthcoming success.

After a short respite up stepped our very own West London’s Legion of St. George. Who started off which was to become of the best ever sets from this well respected band. Raging into Memorial and onto everyone’s much-loved tracks Hellbound, Clause, Let the Blood Run Free, Let’s Go Mental, Comrades ‘til the End, Blood Soaked, Cut, and Fourth Nation. Talking to comrades many agreed that this was one of best sets Legion has ever done. Which is evident from yet another blinding album recently released on Rampage label.

The whole crowd then gave an open hand salute to the guest band from the Fatherland. Namely Noie Werte who have been going for some 17 years now as one of the original German British Friendship bands with Ian Stuart’s Skrewdriver. With the well known favourites of Kennst du dieses Land (You know this country), and some great Skrewdriver coves of Europe Awake and Tomorrow Belongs to Me. It was at this point half way through the Noie Werte set that Stefan called for a minute’s silence. To remember the reason why we had all gathered here for. To celebrate the life and remember the inspiration and founder of Blood & Honour – Ian Stuart.

It was a truly great sight to witness with a sea of salutes and total silence from everyone. Then Noie Werte played the excellent Snow Fell. Which had everyone singing along as one! At one point Cisco was invited up upon stage to join Stefan in singing. Next came German British Friendship, Geheuchelte Humanitšt, the 4 Skins ACAB, and Fuck the USA! We also got to see a guest appearance of another of West London’s finest take to the stage and demonstrate his vocal skills! Maybe another new band is on the way?

Next came the white warriors Warlord. Playing instantly into Hail the new Dawn, Beautiful England, House of Treason, Hail Victory, Johnny Joined the Klan, Old Albion, Sweet Home Alabama, Get Yourself Tattooed, Strikeforce, Tomorrow Belongs to Me, Free My Land, and with the crowd shouting White Power! Warlord duly obliged and the place erupted into song White Power! A typical wonderful Warlord display really gave the whole evening a sense of pride and passion.

As ever the songs by Skrewdriver live on through these bands of today. Yet even if some are by now 20 years old the same problems still face us in each our countries in the present today. But I think that as Ian looks down from Valhalla upon us all he is pleased with the progress that we have achieved against the ever resourceful and deceitful forces of ZOG. No one else in the modern era has inspired so many people to carry the flame forward and fight on!

Thanks as ever go out to all those involved in organising this memorial concert from the security, bar staff, bbq staff, the bands, the B & H divisions, the merchandisers and for all our White comrades across the world ~ 828